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The webmaster team was establish on 22 February 2003 by The Webmaster Kj-ONLINE 2003/2004, Zam Hizami in order to serve the viewer of Kj-ONLINE a better website than the first edition. Joined by talented graphic designer, Mohd Rasydan, we hope that this combo will give all of the viewers a big satisfaction surfing this website. You can view details of them as follow:


About the webmaster:


His BIO:                                                                                                    

Name: Zam Hizami B Ahmad Khudri

Nickname: painkiller/ Ijam

Date Of Birth: 1 December 1986

Position In Kj-ONLINE: The Webmaster

Expertise: Computer hardware, web design, html programming, networking.

Qualification: None as for now but planning to take Computer Engineering Course after SPM

Machine Details:                                                                                      

His Hardware: Using a 733Mhz processor with 256 MB RAM, MSI Ge-Force 4 MX-440, 10 GB HDD and 56.6Kbps modem with standard 15 inch monitor. Last but not least he is using Altec Lansing ACS45.1 speaker. 

His Software: He is using Windows Me and installed Internet Explorer 6.0 as his web browser.

How To Contact Him?                                                                              

Keep in touch with him via his email at Fell free to chat with him using MSN Messenger.



About the co-webmaster:


His BIO:                                                                                                    

Name: Mohd Rasydan B. Hj Naim

Nickname: C-tong/ Dan-San

Date Of Birth: 30 August 1986

Position In Kj-ONLINE: Co-Webmaster (graphic & flash animation)

Expertise: Web and graphic design, computer hardware and networking.

Qualification: He still study in SMKKJ at 5 Berani but planning to take IT Degree after SPM.

Machine Details:                                                                                      

His Hardware: He is using AMD Athlon 1.30 Ghz processor with 256 MB RAM, MSI Ge-Force 4 MX-420 and 30 GB HDD with standard 15 inch monitor.

His Software: Windows XP Home Edition and SWISH for flash animation.

How To Contact Him?                                                                             

Email him at or log on to his website 





  • En. Chan Sin Seong, ex-Computer Club Advisor

  • Pn. Vishalache, Computer Club Advisor 2003

  • Aidil Azani Jafri, Webmaster Cyber-Kj 2001

  • Foo Tze Jin (thanx for the zip drive, buddy!) 

  • Mohd Fahimi Nordin

  • Engku Azizuddin Engku Muhammad

And to anybody who helping us to make this website a reality. Remember, even thought we didn't mention your name here, but your name are always in our heart. Thank You

                                                                                [The Webmaster Team]

                                                                                      25 March 2003







Contact Address:

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kelana Jaya,

SS4 Jalan Bahagia Kelana Jaya,

47301 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan.


School's Email: 

All layout, pictures, graphic, and  flash animations from the hard word of webmaster team. Any attempt of copying or duplicating any content of this website without the permission of webmaster are illegal. Copyright 2003 Kj-Online. All rights reserved.

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